It’s all about the roof

I’m a bit late with this post, but I have a good excuse as there’s a lot going on both on site and at home. I swing from exhilaration as the house takes shape to awe as to how we’re going to fill the fantastic space being created.

Whilst I’m spending my time with landscaping plans, window specification drawings, kitchen design and more mood boards than I will ever need (the study is getting deeper in files by the day and I’m making full use of online mood boards available), the carpenters and bricklayers are showcasing their skills on site. They take pride in what they do and it shows.

There’s been a dramatic change in the shape of the house over this past month. The design of the roofs have challenged the team in a good way. There’s been scratching of heads as drawings are scrutinised. The carpenters have sketched designs and produced templates. Angles have been created and blocks have been cut to exacting standards to meet the brilliant angles of the three roofs. The image above is the before, make sure you take in the after photo below showing joists in place. The secret gutters have a story all of their own. Not on the original architect plans but a design the zinc suppliers were keen to include. Having visited a site with them in situ, the decision was taken to go that route which has involved much additional carpentry work but the result is going to be worth it.

I’ve had to overcome some of my fear of heights in order not to miss out on seeing the roof before it’s covered over. This is the only opportunity I’ll have for walking across the structure and I’m making the most of it.

First fix electrics and plumbing are to come however a few copper pipes have miraculously appeared. These will truly begin in another couple of weeks. Tomorrow I put pen to paper and document my thoughts on the lighting design. Evening and bedtime reading has been Lighting by design by Sally Storey and The Languages of Light by Rebecca Weir & Allyson Coates.

A few friends and family have visited and so far the response to the design has been “Wow”. I’m going to take that as a positive reaction as it’s one Neale and I have had on more than one occasion when strolling around the house at the weekend. Let’s hope we can do it justice with the interior finishes.

Motto on site “there are no problems, only solutions”

Teamwork lifting the final steels into place
Left to right – Roof 1, 2 & the start of 3


Next time – installing the zinc covering

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