Zinc Roof -simply striking

27th July Elliott and Rikki, subcontractors to Salmon Solutions arrived to start installation of the zinc roof. This was another big moment in the build being the first finished element. There was much deliberation about the design of the gutters; the architects favoured guttering suspended on the outside of the fascia whilst the zinc company recommended going the hidden gutter route, where the gutter is not visible at ground or balcony level. We chose the hidden gutter as we felt it would give a better profile and be more in-keeping with the striking simplicity of the design we’re after. This of course created more work for the carpentry team which translates into higher costs! It’s been worth it though as they’ve done a brilliant job as you’ll see from the images below.

The three main roofs were completed on 8th September, and the protective layer could finally be peeled away for the big reveal. We are delighted with our colour choice and how the roof has turned out. Chimney flues were installed by Russell of Home Wood Fireplaces and K-Rend was applied to the chimneys which compliments the grey of the zinc perfectly. They’ll be a further two visits from Salmon Solutions to complete their work; the flat roof over the entrance door, two balconies and the downpipes.

We’ve been lucky with the weather throughout the build, let’s hope our luck continues.

Although a price/quotation is agreed based on architect drawings before you appoint your contractor, you need to be prepared for variations that only become apparent once the team are on site. Contingency financial planning is a necessity.

Hidden gutters
The finished roof

Next post – Drainage, 1st fix electrics & plumbing


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